Get to know us

Presence of casinos is a very common thing these days and about 70% of the population indulges in gambling for one or the other reason.

Get to know us

Who are you and which category do you fall in? If you are not a gambler but are interested in getting into this field, it is as simple as that. Our casino is one of the best in your locality with almost everything that a gambler can expect a casino to offer him and you will find all types of gambling games here.

All we expect from our gamblers is an ID proof for their age at the gates and an approval and check on this would grant you entry into our gates. It would not be appropriate for us to boast about us more to our customers; instead, we want and encourage them and let them experience and enjoy the grandeur and the lavishness by making a physical entry into our doors.

All our gambling games and their rules are all as per standards and there are special rules and restrictions for each game as well. There are proper and appropriate checks on spots expected and we have overhead cameras watching all of the activities going on in and around the casino. The gamblers are free to choose the games of their choice.

There is a jackpot price announced every day and gamblers are at freedom to spend as much time as they want without any restrictions. To make them aware of how this mind-blowing gambling could become a menacing gambling, we have posters and stickers stuck and hung all over the area warning the gamblers to set a limit to their spending and also to their gambling interests.

This is again a standard procedure followed in all the legalized and licensed casinos. So with all these, you are in a safe and sound environment with us that promotes the most hated and abhorred activity in the society.